We are living in trying times.


This has created hardship for performing artists not only here on the Island, but for cultural organizations, performers and potential audiences around the world.


For this reason, Opera Nanaimo is proposing a FESTIVAL that will bring local performing artists and organizations — dance, music, theatre, voice — together AsOne to perform for small live audience groups: 50 people maximum for each performance period.


The FESTIVAL would be held outdoors Labour Day weekend, September 4-7, 2020, and the chosen location is appropriate and easily accessible. As well, recommended precautions would be strictly enforced to ensure the health and safety of all concerned.


• Restricted audience participation
• Maintenance of audience self-distancing practices
• Escorted seating for all ticket holders
• Small group performance requirements
• Ongoing cleaning practices


Profits—after expenses—from ticket sales/donations will be shared amongst all participating organizations. Revenue/expense projections are currently underway.


Participating organizations would be required to become actively involved in shaping FESTIVAL activities by agreeing to look after their own staging requirements, advertising the event on their websites, providing performance expertise, for example.


As an added draw, Opera Nanaimo also proposes to feature an ISLAND “FAME” CONTEST, which will give talented, non-professional children, youth, and young adults an opportunity to perform for recognition and prizes if available. The selection of candidates for the FAME CONTEST will be made by members from participating organizations. Winners will be chosen by both qualified artists from participating organizations and community members as well.


Scheduling details for the FESTIVAL will be provided to organizations once it is known how many organizations are participating.


Since time is of the essence, I ask that you advise us HERE whether you would participate as an organization, performer, volunteer, audience, or not at all. Your response will be greatly appreciated.


John O’Malley, President.