Opera Nanaimo was founded in 2013 with the intention of bringing high-quality operatic works to the Nanaimo area.

The purpose of the society is to produce, present or perform high quality operatic works to advance the public’s appreciation and enjoyment of the art by:

  • providing high quality performances of operas, operettas, oratorios and other operatic works or concerts of operatic works, including discounted or reduced cost access for those that may not ordinarily be able to attend performances of such works;
  • developing and retaining audiences for operatic works by mounting high quality performances of operatic works;
  • providing high quality performance opportunities for performers with proven skills and experience in order to mount high quality public events, including performances of operatic works;
  • organizing and providing an opera-in-school program or other similar interactive opportunity designed to allow students to engage with classical musicians;
  • improving the opportunities for mid-island residents to experience high quality operatic works and increasing awareness about operatic works.

In 2014, Opera Nanaimo produced a series of concerts (Opera Gems). In 2015, Amahl and the Night Visitors (Menotti) became the group’s first full-length production. This was followed by Hansel and Gretel (Humperdink) in 2016.