John O’Malley. John has traveled from the world of business to the world of theatre.  He had the good fortune to grow up with opera in his background.  Originally from the U.K., John is a recent addition to the board of directors of the Opera Nanaimo Society.  His mission is to facilitate the expansion of opera in Nanaimo and to support fellow directors in their chosen tasks.


Artistic Director



Membership Chair

Marta Wright. Marta moved to Nanaimo three years ago for the cooler summers than those experienced in Ottawa.  The arts scene and the almost bug-free great outdoors were a pleasant surprise!




William M. Stuart CGA (CPA) Retired. Bill began his working life and education in the banking industry in Scotland before coming to Canada to join the Royal Bank of Canada. Subsequently he left the Royal Bank and joined the Federal Business Development Bank where he worked for many years, ending up in Campbell River and opening his own accounting practice. During his sojourn in Campbell River, he was active on the board of the local classical music concert association where he acted as the treasurer. In 1982 when a major recession occurred he sold out his practice and was hired to teach accounting, at what was then known as Malaspina College, and is now known as Vancouver Island University. While working at the College he got involved with the local Board of the Conservatory of music in Nanaimo and convinced them to expand their season from one to three concerts a year, all performed at St Andrew’s church on Wesley Street. Bill retired from the college in 2001, but has continued to promote amateur theatre and concert events in Nanaimo for the last twenty years.

If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact us!