Members are important to Opera Nanaimo.


By becoming a member and/or renewing your membership, you and your family will be helping our Society in several significant ways:


          • Applying for grants from government, private sources and agencies, foundations;
          • Appealing to sponsors and donors;
          • Marketing this unique art form;
          • Providing performance opportunities for gifted artistic talent;
          • Preserving beautiful music for generations to come;
          • Individual membership subscription fees are $10.00 (1 year), $20.00 (2 years) $25.00 (3 years);
          • The application form below contains both a secure PayPal link for each payment and details on how one can pay by cheque or with cash.


Members benefit through advance notice of upcoming events, reduced ticket prices, and by advancing cultural advancement in the area.

For those with questions regarding membership, please contact the Membership Chair here.


Thank you for joining.


We look forward to seeing everybody at the Opera!


Contact Information:

1 Year: $10.002 Years $20.003 Years $25.00

Several subscription payment options are available to subscribers:


    • Through our secure PayPal website account: (see below);
    • By chequeCheques can be made out to Opera Nanaimo and forward directly to our treasurer at:
          • #103-770 Poplar Street
          • Nanaimo. BC
          • V9S 2H6
    • With Cash: To an Authorized ON Executive Member.


Please Note: That no cash payments are to be made to any ON Executive Member without a proper receipt being issued.  All receipts must contain the date of application; the amount of the cash payment; the name of the ON Executive Member receiving the cash.


Use the PayPal Gateway to pay with Mastercard or Visa.
No Paypal account required.

Just be sure to select the Pay with credit or Visa Debit Card button on the next page.



Membership Duration