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Opera Nanaimo

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Image by Karthick Krishnakumar
Opera Singer

Who We Are

Opera Nanaimo was founded in 2013 with the primary purpose to produce and perform appealing operatic works for all music lovers to enjoy.


Today, this non-profit organization has grown to a point where it now aspires to mount one full-length operatic production each year as well as continuing with its highly-successful operatic concert series.


Past productions include Amahl and the Night Visitors, Hansel and Gretel and several concerts—Opera Gems, Voices in the Vineyard, and Vienna My City of Dreams.


In fall 2019, ON staged its first ever full-length opera — La Bohème — which was held at the Vancouver Island University. And its next major goal is to produce a full-length operatic production at the Malaspina Theatre in 2025.


For centuries, communities throughout the world have supported this unique art form, and today it can be said that all of our lives are much ‘richer’ as a result.


To learn more on how you can become a member and/or support Opera Nanaimo

Up Coming Events

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"We are living in operatic times. Forget what you've heard about opera being remote and elitist. Opera is also the art form that, perhaps more than any other, specializes in heightened emotion, and in finding ways to communicate it"... ANNE MIDGETTE

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